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VR Goggles

Our Mission.

Our mission is to be at the forefront of technology and innovation, delivering superior capability in tandem with rapid introduction to market by tapping into our great nation’s diversity of thought.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to become the most dependable provider of critical technology elements, serving the United States of America and her interests. As a pioneer in technology, we will shape the future of defense across domains, ranging from beneath the ocean to outer space, and within the realm of cyberspace. We are committed to upholding integrity and embodying our Company Values, delivering outstanding performance, rapid product introduction to market, and nurturing an internal culture of innovation, collaboration, and trust. By adhering to these principles, DOES aims to be the preferred partner for our customers, employees, and the preferred investment choice for our shareholders.

Casual Business Meeting

Our Core Values.

We Uphold Ethical Values: Upholding ethical values is at the core of DOES’s corporate culture. Our company's esteemed reputation is built on a strong commitment to legal, ethical, and environmental standards. Our objective extends beyond mere legal compliance; it centers on adhering to the utmost standards of integrity and a genuine concern for the well-being of others.


We Honor Our Commitments: Our commitment to honorable conduct and the fulfillment of our promises are the pillars of DOES’s sterling reputation. These principles not only earn us respect and support in our communities but also grant us a competitive edge in the market. They also serve as a magnet for individuals who not only uphold but also expect the highest standards of business ethics.

We Are Dedicated to Achieving Collective Success: We are committed to teaching, training, and employing every American living below the poverty line and conducting our business in alignment with our corporate charter, both as a united company and as individual employees within our organization. Our commitment to ethical conduct remains unwavering, and we do not compromise our integrity to meet our business objectives.

We Will Lead the Way: We will lead the way with relentless curiosity, unwavering dedication, and innovative spirit, striving to tackle the world's most complex issues. Our strategic alliances are venturing into cutting-edge research domains and crafting groundbreaking technology that will not only drive our missions but also connect, advance, and safeguard the United States and its allied nations. Regardless of what challenges the future may bring, we stand ready to contribute our solutions, especially when the problems are at their most significant.

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