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Meet Our Founder

Aaron Sneed is a results-driven leader with extensive experience in diverse industries – aerospace, defense, medical, laser machinery, and automobile. He has expertise in providing strategic leadership for project/program management, risk identification and mitigation, international trade compliance, systems engineering and integration, and contract negotiation and development.

Aaron is proficient in piloting all project/program management facets – strategic planning, scheduling, staffing, budgeting, execution, resource allocation, and compliance. He is adept at leading significant initiatives, leveraging agile tools/methodologies, implementing lean practices, and mitigating financial, programmatic, technical, and execution risks to improve project/program execution. Aaron has demonstrated strong people management skills to lead cross-functional global teams, including delivering training to ensure top-flight performance. He excels at forging robust relationships with key stakeholders – clients, c-level executives, suppliers, vendors, and external partners to achieve desired outcomes – cost/time savings and revenue growth.


Aaron has had a series of significant career achievements:
At Northrop Grumman Corporation, Aaron generated potential revenue exceeding $300B over program's lifespan by driving integration efforts. He piloted a program of integrating risk, issues, and opportunities for $150M worth of advanced systems R&D activities. That saved ~$17M cost and lessened schedule delay by ~16 months by reducing impact of realized issues.

At Pratt & Whitney, Aaron achieved 250% throughput increase by executing lean practices. He set up MRO facilities that saved aircraft sustainment operation costs by 30% and headed 18 support engineers, three vendors, and $12M budget.

At the Program Management Operations Organization, Aaron established a centralized trade compliance organization, thus reducing complexity by 50%. He governed $30M, 12-month rapid prototyping initiative at GKN, expediting manufacturing readiness for newly developed composite fan containment case. Aaron directed and guided 23 "ITC Focals" team and ten authorized users.

Aaron has held leadership positions at Northrop Grumman Corporation (Aeronautics Systems) in Melbourne, FL, and Pratt & Whitney, East Hartford, CT. Aaron is currently working on a Master of Systems Engineering degree from Stevens Institute of Technology and has an MBA and Master of Science degree in Project Management from Boston University. Aaron received his bachelor’s degree from Morehouse College.

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